Terms and conditions

1. Member States shall communicate to the Room - cancellations and reduction in the number of room bookings

  • Up to 30 days for the first scheduled arrival date, the full reservation or part of it can be cancelled without cancellation charges
  • Between 30 and 15 days for the first scheduled arrival date, 50% of the number of rooms per night can be cancelled without cancellation charges. Each additional cancellation will be charged at the contractual price. This cancellation exemption/ discount cannot be cumulated with any of the above or the cancellation exemption/ rebates above
  • Less than 15 days before the first scheduled arrival date, a flat-rate cancellation fee equal to 100% of the price of the cancelled reservation(s) will be payable
  • The customer must submit to Huron a detailed list not later than 14 days before the scheduled arrival date, indicating per room of the following information: the occupation (single, double, etc.), the name of the coordinates of the participant (s) (i.e. name, first name, gender, address, nationality), and (in case of individual payment) a valid credit card number
  • When the rooms are booked in form via an individual call, the participant himself will guarantee his room reservation and their payment. If the customer cancels the entire event, the customer will guarantee the rooms that were optioned. In this case, the cancellation conditions shall apply as mentioned above.


3. Deposit and invoicing

  • The deposit is based on 50% of the total invoice and must be paid at least 14 days before the start of the event
  • Should the customer fail to comply with the conditions for the payment of the advance or the account paid in its entirety, the hotel reserves to cancel the reservation, or will only offer those services corresponding to the amount of the advance already paid
  • The billing address listed in the contract is binding on the invoice. Changes to this can only be passed on prior to the events and or overnight stays. Invoices are only sent by email. The customer consents to this when accepting the terms and conditions. A billing email address must be provided by the customer no later than before the start of the event. Exceptions to this are only possible if otherwise agreed
  • At the end of the activity, the final balance shall be drawn up and, on the other hand, the party undertakes to pay the balance bill amount when leaving the activity, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Payment is made in cash or through Visa, Bancontact or Mastercard. Unless otherwise agreed
  • Invoices must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date, in accordance with the general invoice conditions that are an integral part of this agreement
  • An interest rate of 2% per month will be counted without prior notice for the invoices that have not been paid within 30 days of the invoice date. In addition, a flat-rate compensation of 15% of the outstanding amount of the invoice is payable, with a minimum of € 50.00, without prejudice to court costs and execution costs. All complaints of any other nature must be notified in a written and registered manner within eight days of the invoice date. At the end of this period, protest is no longer admissible and is considered non-existent
  • If the customer has organized an activity in hotel Huron, and has called on Huron's facilities  (including e.g. at  Huronthe customer's request, having individually billed these facilities/ hotel rooms and addresses to one or more participants (designated by the customer) at the request of the customer, the customer remains, together with the participants concerned, together with the participants concerned, the one in default to the other, in payment to Huron  of all the amounts due by the participants concerned, if principal, interest in the costs.


4. Agreement

  • This reservation agreement is only established after acceptance and therefore signature of it, by Huron
  • As long as this has not been done, Huron will not be bound in any way to the customer and or his participants, and  Huron will therefore have the right to regard the event as non-existent and to release all the rooms and or spaces envisaged by the customer and or make available to third parties
  • The customer therefore has no right to any service from Huron until a final agreement has been signed and handed over to both parties. After signature, and therefore acceptance by Huron, all commitments between the Parties will be governed solely by this Agreement, replacing all previous agreements between the parties
  • All amendments or additions to this contract must be made only in writing and accepted by both parties. Oral agreements will be considered non-valid and non-existent
  • The organiser is fully aware of the above-mentioned conditions, which are an integral part of the contract, and accepts compliance with them.


5. Diverse

5.1. Increase in the number of participants for events and services

If the customer informs Huron less than 14 days before the scheduled date of an increase in the number of participants, the Hotel will make every reasonable effort to provide its services to this increased number, albeit without the Hotel being held liable for the consequences, if it does not or would not fully succeed.


5.2 Audiovisual and EDP equipment

  • If Huron  makes audiovisual or EDP equipment available to the customer, the customer is responsible for this for the entire duration of the event. In the absence of any comment immediately after its posting, the customer shall be deemed to have received this equipment in good condition of maintenance and operation
  • If the customer uses his own equipment and/or equipment that he has involved with third parties, the customer (to Huron's express exclusion) will be responsible for this and will have to make the necessary arrangements to avoid damage, theft, etc.
  • The customer must inform the Hotel prior to the fact that he wishes to make use of the walls, tables or the floor of the room he reserved. He will also have to seek prior written permission from Huron to place posters, signs, flags or any other creative
  • The customer must remove all his materials and equipment from the hotel by the end of the event. The Hotel will not be held responsible for equipment/equipment that has not been removed in time.


5.3Check-in/ Check-out rooms

  • Check-in will be possible from 14:00 on the arrival date. If the customer/his participant arrives for this time, Huron will try to make the room available to the chamber in the past, without being able to do so.
  • If the customer/his participant wishes the security to have his room before 14:00, this is only possible if the customer/participant does a pre-registration: this means that the preceding night must be booked at the normal rates.
  • The official check-out time is 11:00 a.m. In case of late check-out and/or at renewals until 5pm an additional cost will be payable equal to the half-day rate for the room concerned. In addition, the possibility of renewal will always depend on the availability of the room and cannot be guaranteed in any way.


5.4 Early departure

If the customer decides to terminate the event prematurely, and whether if the customer/a participant decides to leave the meeting rooms and/or hotel before the expiry of the booked departure date, Huron is entitled to charge the remaining scheduled/booked days and or overnight stays, including the reserved facilities/ appeals, in full at the contractually agreed rate.


5.5 Timetable

The customer expressly undertakes to start and terminate his event within the contractually scheduled times. Huron is entitled to charge all supplementary hours or other expenses resulting from the non-respect of this timetable to the customer, who accepts this.


5.8 Additional requests

In order to allow Huron to provide a maximum service, all additional requests should already be listed on this customer-signed document.

Only those specific requests, to which Huron subsequently expressly agrees in writing, will form part of this agreement and Huron's obligations.  Huron.


5.9 Smoking ban / anti-drug policy

Hotel Huron has a strict anti-drug policy. On the premises and in the buildings, the sale, possession and use of drugs is strictly prohibited. Improper sales, use or possession of nitrous oxide are also covered. Smoking is not allowed in the buildings and therefore not in the hotel rooms. If the person/persons are found to be in breach of any of the above cases, the hotel will charge a fine of € 250 and the person/persons will be immediately asked to leave.


6. Liability/ insurance

  • The customer undertakes to take out insurance with a recognised Belgian insurance company, to cover his liability as an organiser during the period as envisaged
  • In addition, the customer must provide to his participants that they are kept behaving properly, in accordance with the hotel's house rules
  • Among other things, the customer/her participants are prohibited from using the available spaces for meetings relating to extreme ideologies and or tendencies, and whether which could have a direct or indirect negative impact on the normal hotel business, or could disturb the tranquility of the other hotel guests
  • In any case, the customer, together with his participants, shall be required, several times and indivisible, one to compensate Huron for any damage or inconvenience caused by the customer's participants. In addition, the customer will be required to safeguard Huron  for any claim (both in principal, interest and expenses) which charges  Huron  would be charged by one of the other guests/clients, as a result of damages/ inconveniences they would experience as a result of the event and/or the attitude/conduct or omissions of the Customer or his participants
  • Huron cannot in any case, in any way be held liable in any case of theft or damage to goods/ objects/ etc. that are kept in the hotel by the Customer or his participants.


7. Dissolution/ damages

  • Huron has the right to terminate this agreement by a simple written notification to the customer, organizer, in case the above mentioned conditions were not respected by the customer. As if the latter would be liable to Huron equal to 50% of the amounts owed by the customer, if the agreement had not been terminated
  • If Huron was allowed to establish that she could not provide the rooms/ meeting rooms/ facilities as reserved by the customer and accepted by Huron at the time provided for, Huron should report this fact to the customer as soon as possible. As if then, Huron will only be held to provide equal rooms and facilities for the customer, in the nearest equivalent hotel, where Huron will only be held to compensate the customer for the price difference, with the express exclusion of any other compensation or cost
  • If Huron meets the requirements of the previous paragraph, the customer will be required to safeguard Huron for any claim which would be made by the customer's participants, Huron according to the latter not made available by the latter of the provided rooms/ meeting rooms/ facilities.


8. Fire prevention and safety procedures

  • Emergency exits should always be free of obstructions and indications of their location should be made visible to anyone attending the function. Where explicitly stated, fire and emergency doors must always remain closed. Nothing should be attached to the panic closures, nor should materials be placed in advance behind the doors
  • Trap halls serving as escape routes must be kept free of obstructions
  • It is prohibited to bring flammable, explosive or hazardous liquids or products into the hotel, as well as to make adjustments to existing installations, materials, furniture or their equipment without prior written permission from the hotel management. If such adjustments prove necessary, this must be requested in writing and at least 21 days before the position takes place to the hotel management
  • Curtains, wall coverings and any other decorative material hung or attached to or against walls and ceilings must be made of at least fire retardant or fire-free material. If these materials are hung in doorways or corridors, they must separate in the middle and be attached to be easily pulled aside
  • Electrical appliances must not be overloaded
  • Firefighting facilities should not be abused
  • The smoking ban should always be respected
  • If the organizer hires external security personnel for the position, the hired surveillance company must be authorised by the Ministry of the Interior and its staff to comply with the law on surveillance undertakings, security companies and internal surveillance services of 10 April 1999, on training. The number, name and non-armed security personnel must be informed in writing to the hotel management in advance
  • It is necessary to ensure that the maximum number of persons allowed in a room is not exceeded, without the prior written consent of the hotel management.


9. Jurisdiction / legislation

This agreement is governed only by Belgian law.

Any dispute concerning its validity, interpretation, implementation of the agreement, or invoicing in its implementation is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Antwerp District.